What is Zhihu? A complete guide of the Chinese Q&A platform

Zhihu - the Chinese question and answer platform When people want to find an answer to their question, they most likely think of Google. This is not surprising, as Google holds around 86% of the global search engine market share (Statista 2021). Source: kr-asia.com Zhihu, the Chinese Q&A website and the Chinese equivalent of Quora. In 2021, there were more than 420 million registered users, 100 million monthly active users (MAU), spending an average of 70 minutes/day on Zhihu (Zhihu…

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How to do Baidu Search Marketing in China?

About Baidu Baidu was founded on the 1st of January, 2000, in Zhongguancun, Beijing. It’s founder, Li Yan Hong, holds the patent for “Hyperchain Analysis”, making China a part of the only four nations (along with USA, Russia and South Korea) in the world with core search engine technology.Every day, Baidu processes over 1 billion search requests from over 100 countries and is the primary source of Chinese information and services for netizens across the world, serving over 1 billion…

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Content Marketing in China

What is Content Marketing? Content marketing differs from traditional marketing in its approach. Instead of focusing on advertising products and services from the vendors’ point of view, content marketing’s approach originates from the consumer’s perspective. By identifying a certain group of targeted consumers, content marketers can provide in-depth information that is truly relevant and useful to that particular group.In short, content marketing refers to a strategic marketing approach, mainly focusing on creating and distributing content that is consistent, relevant, and…

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How to do B2B marketing in China

Just as in the West, meeting people face to face and establishing relationships at trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, dinners and industry events, plays a crucial role of B2B marketing in China too. The personal touch and discussions over meals are important. People need to know they’re dealing with experts in their field with good products and services that they can trust over the long term.But nothing happens in China without also happening online. China is a digital savvy country that’s…

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