Shopatainment - The Future of Shopping

The book by Moonie Zhu and Stefan Wenzel is out now!

Shopatainment – The Future of Shopping

Discover the digital revolution transforming global commerce in Moonie Zhu’s and Stefan Wenzel’s new book.

Explore The Fascinating World Of Shopatainment​

About the Book

Introduction to Shopatainment

Explore the groundbreaking concept of shopatainment, where shopping meets entertainment. Learn about its origins and evolution.

Socio-Cultural Dynamics & Technological Innovations

Understand the relationship between China's socio-cultural influences and the technological advances that have driven shopatainment.

How does Shopping become Entertainment in China

Learn how shopping is transformed into an immersive entertainment experience through short videos, live streaming, influencers and much more.

The West Meets East

Examine the adaptation of shopatainment in Western markets and its reception among different demographics.

Future Perspectives

Consider the future of global e-commerce through the lens of shopatainment, focusing on potential impacts and opportunities for Western businesses.

Case Studies

Get to know the practices described in more detail with the help of various case studies from China.

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Discover "Shopatainment – The Future of Shopping"

  • Available Formats: Read our insights with the eBook and paperback options.
  • Pricing Made Simple: Each format is priced at an accessible €9.99.
  • Release Dates: The eBook is available now to satisfy your immediate curiosity. Prefer a tactile experience? The paperback version will be on shelves starting May 31st.
  • Where to Buy: Available for purchase on Amazon.
  • Language: Available in German and English.

Learn more about the people behind this book

Meet the Authors

eTOC management

Moonie Zhu

Moonie, born and raised in China and now based in Germany, bridges the East and West through her vast experience in digital development, marketing, and e-commerce. With a background in multinational corporations like Beiersdorf and Henkel, she co-founded eTOC, helping over 100 brands navigate the Chinese market. Moonie is a recognized voice and keynote speaker, regularly sharing insights on LinkedIn and through her content label eTALK. Honored with several leadership awards, she continues to influence the digital and business landscapes across cultures.

Stefan Wenzel

Stefan has been a digital enthusiast since sending his first email in 1993, with a career spanning over 25 years in digital and retail sectors. He has played pivotal roles at eBay, Otto, and the Tom Tailor Group, driving digital transformations and e-commerce initiatives. Currently, Stefan advises startups and leaders as Co-CEO of onQuality Group and is a sought-after keynote speaker and author. His work extends to innovative projects like, an AI platform aimed at reducing fashion returns.

Meet the Experts

Our book is enriched by the contributions of a diverse group of leading experts whose deep insights and vast experiences have significantly shaped our understanding of shopatainment. These thought leaders bring their unique perspectives from various industries, enriching the narrative with practical examples. Their collective expertise not only deepens the content but ensures it is both relevant and forward-thinking. Join us in appreciating their invaluable contributions!

Anna Breidt
Prof. Dr. Claudia Bünte
Thomas Derksen
Ashley Dudarenok
Julian Fisher
Josh Gardner
Alex Leuchte
Stefan Matz
Bernardo Mendia
Björn Ognibeni
Klaus Redomske
Sascha Scholz
Aldo Spaanjaars
Thomas Stopper
Dr. Jörg Storm
Hao Tong
Raymond Zhang
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