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Target group: who shall join the workshop?

This workshop is aimed at all companies that would like to promote their website to the Chinese target audience. Baidu remains the biggest search engine in China and is therefore crucial for your website strategy.  If your website plays a central part in the customer journey, there is no workaround Baidu if you want to be successful in China.

The Chinese market is dominated through various social media platforms, therefore companies often forget to pay attention to the fundamentals of building a brand in China: Search Engine Marketing.

Building credibility as a foreign company is crucial when entering the Chinese market. All information are verified through Baidu and its associated platforms, which include many of the most relevant online PR media platforms. 

Especially in the B2B context, search engines play an essential role. More than 71% of B2B buyers base their decisions on information they came come across during their search engine research. Read more on this topic in our B2B Marketing Whitepaper

In our interactive workshop, we will help you understand the regulations of China’s biggest search engine and help you identify the correct strategy to rank your website for relevant keywords on the top 3 search engine result pages (SERP) in Baidu.  

Key Learnings

Workshop Take-aways

Baidu ecosystem

The digital ecosystem with a special focus on Baidu's associated networks.

SEO & SEA Deep Dive

Successful search engine strategies and the latest trends in your target industries in China.

Strategy development

Our experienced consultants interactively develop a suitable search engine strategy for you.

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