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Online lead generation is a key strategy for businesses looking to expand their customer base in China. With over 1.4 billion Internet users and a rapidly growing e-commerce market, China offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses looking to generate leads online. However, it is important to remember that the Chinese market is unique and requires a targeted approach to lead generation.

Most companies do not have the resources to constantly adapt their social media promotions to online marketing trends in China. By using selected social media channels, optimizing rankings in search engines and leveraging local advertising platforms, companies can effectively generate leads and grow their customer base in this dynamic and fast-growing market.

For most B2B companies these 3 obstacles are the most challenging when entering the Chinese market: 

How can B2B companies successfully position themselves in the Chinese market?

Brand Positioning: Like in any market, the first and most important step for any brand is to increase its awareness. To do this, its brand message must first be adapted to the needs of the market. Place of production information such as “Made in Germany” can be a helpful tag, but they have long since ceased to be sufficient. Competition in the Chinese market is ever increasing, and only those who adapt best can survive in the long run. eTOC will assist to identify your unique selling points for the Chinese market and adjust your current brand positioning to the needs of your target audience in China. 

Brand Awareness: After identifying your USPs in the Chinese market, eTOC aims to assist in the promotion of your product advantages and company values to your target audience. Especially in B2B marketing, the background of your company and the positioning of your products as a solution to a certain problem play a particularly important role. All communication is useless if no one notices your brand. Therefore, one of the essential steps is search engine optimization – to give your brand exposure on the Chinese market.

Professionalize your B2B marketing with eTOC

B2B marketing services

Brand Positioning

Get to know your competition and adjust your brand positioning for the Chinese target group.

Search Engines

Built a localized website strategy for the Chinese market. Increase accessibility & traffic on your Chinese website.

Social Media

Optimize your social media strategy & operation to suit your customer needs.


Communicate your brand positioning to your target audience and increase brand awareness in the Chinese market.

How to develop a successful lead strategy for the Chinese market?

Unlike European markets, business processes in China are heavily dependent on relationship management and personal contacts. Trade shows are therefore one of the most important sales channels for B2B companies in China. However, we are moving into a time where digital lead generation plays an increasingly important role. Influenced by the pandemic, many companies are forced to focus more on digital lead generation. Even as China slowly recovers from the pandemic, it is essential for sustainable business development to introduce standardized and, above all, scalable measures for lead generation. This works best through established processes linked to online tools.

In the West, extensive marketing and sales tools such as Hubspot, Salesforce and Zoho CRM are widely used. However, due to the “Great Firewall of China” and the data protection regulations, these tools can only be implemented in a limited / cumbersome way or have high costs attached. eTOC will analyze your current situation in China and develop a sustainable lead generation strategy as a means to improve your B2B marketing in China.

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