B2B Marketing in China

With the world’s largest online community, the Chinese market offers huge opportunities in digital business, but proven online strategies from the Western world cannot be transferred 1:1 to the Middle Kingdom. Many services known in the West are not available in China, so entering the digital business poses major challenges for Western companies. China has its own digital landscape, which is dominated by Alibaba and Tencent.

If you want to be successful in China, you have to adapt your customer approach and marketing to the Chinese target groups. From cultural adaptations to digital communication, everything needs to be adapted for successful B2B marketing. “Guanxi”, a network of personal relationships, plays an essential role in establishing and maintaining contacts in the Chinese market.   A targeted build-up of brand and product trust as well as trust in people must be supported by professional media and content marketing.

While correspondence via emails is very popular in Western countries, seamless communication via the super app WeChat is preferred in China.

More than 90% of all WeChat users also use this app for work communication. QR codes allow access to company accounts through simple scanning, as Chinese business contacts like to get detailed information about companies, services and products, it is essential to think of using QR codes on all marketing platforms (website, ads, business cards) as well. WeChat is clearly an indispensable tool for efficient and effective B2B marketing.


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