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Grow your China business through digital marketing

Marketing is essential for brands to succeed in any market, and this is especially true for the Chinese market. However, it is extremely important that marketing campaign managers are fully accustomed to the local marketing landscape – many international brands lack this.

The Chinese market is home to the largest online community in the world, meaning that if captured, can offer immense opportunities for digital businesses. However, proven online strategies from other markets will not guarantee success if implemented directly.  Firstly, many core services from the West are not available in China’s digital landscape, which happens to be dominated by Alibaba and Tencent – success here requires adapting to the needs of the local consumers.

eTOC offers a full range of digital marketing services, both to complement its e-commerce offerings and to assist international brands with any marketing needs that may arise. Our specialized localized talents in e-commerce and digital marketing with vast experience will be an invaluable asset to your future growth.

If you want to promote your brand and products in China

China digital marketing

Search engine marketing in China

Increase your visibility in chinese search engine via SEO

Social Media Marketing & KOL Cooperation

Choose the right social media platforms and KOLs for your brand and build your successful social media campaigns in China

Tmall Advertising (Alimama paid advertising)

We optimize your performance marketing, especially paid advertisement ROI on the chinese e-commerce platforms.

China Website Setup

Optimise your online presence in China with a localised website, adapted to the country's digital habits and regulations with our expert teams.

Social Listening

Understand your Chinese customer base through real-time analytics of conversations and sentiments on leading digital platforms.

B2B marketing in China

How to position yourself for a long-term successful B2B business in China: touchpoints, traffic generation, lead management

Our Process

A simple, yet effective three step process

We listen to your needs first and make a marketing plan. We use latest data to execute your digital marketing campaigns and always try to scale the campaigns.

01. Marketing Plan

We work with you and draft a marketing plan that suits your needs. This marketing strategy is based on the user persona of your ideal customer.

02. Optimization

We are executing and optimizing your e-commerce and digital marketing campaigns as per our defined goals.

03. Growth & Sales

We support your sales activities and help you optimize your e-commerce and digital marketing campaigns to further grow your business.

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