China Website Setup

Create your localized website for the Chinese market

China Website Setup

Creating a website can be a challenge in any market. When it comes to the Chinese market companies are facing particularly high challenges due to the Chinese digital infrastructure. 

The Chinese internet regulations and the different digital habits of consumers make it difficult to create target group-oriented websites. Depending on your business concept, industry & services a Chinese website can play a crucial part.

Our Chinese digital experts will help you identify the right website strategy and execute the roadmap in time and budget.

China website strategy

Our China experts analyze your current business situation and help you tailor a website strategy to fulfill your Chinese customer needs. 

Landingpage Setup

Our operational team in Shanghai will setup your Chinese landingpage for optimal brand communication. 

Full-service Website

Our China experts will help you design a website that meets your Chinese customers requirements, while our operational team in Shanghai will execute the website setup.

Customized website design

Our developers will design a website with special functions to support your specific website needs on the Chinese market. Let your creativity run free, we take care of the rest.

We believe in your success.

Our China Website Services

Our consultancy team is based in Germany and will help you tailor your website strategy.

Whereas our operational team in Shanghai will take care of the project execution to guarantee a smooth in-time project delivery. 

We Have Great Answers

China Website Marketing FAQ

Depending on your requirements the website setup can take between on average 1-6 months until launching. 

Depending on your business concept your target audience is researching on your brand through search engines, such as Baidu. Therefore you need to be searchable and ranked in order to reach your leads effectively. 

In fact, yes! Depending on your business model you can reach your customer through various Social Media channels, such as WeChat, Weibo & RED (Xiaohongshu) or directly through e-commerce platforms such as TMALL, JD etc. 

In any industry at least the setup of a static landingpage is useful to built credibility in the market. 

Due to government regulations a direct hosting requires the ICP certification. However, there are many alternative accelerated load time providers with a hosting location outside of China.

Read more here.

Technically yes, however we don’t recommend to use the same website for the international & Chinese market. 

Besides the media materials (pictures & videos), also the content should be localized and ideally SEO optimized for the Chinese search engine Baidu. 

Yes, depending on your CMS system you can simply integrate available extensions to integrate a shop solution. However, we recommend to list your products directly in Chinese shops since their setup is adjusted to the consumer behavior. 

Like in any country, digital marketing activities are very important to reach your target group. And this is especially true in China! 

Once we have setup your website, we will support you with marketing operations to promote your website correctly in China. 

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