Workshop "Southeast Asia E-Commerce "

About the Workshop

This Southeast Asia e-commerce workshop is a carefully curated program designed to provide participants with comprehensive insights into Southeast Asia’s emerging e-commerce landscape. Our workshop is aimed at those who want to engage with the complexities of this vibrant and diverse region. It is divided into two parts that can be booked. On the one hand, a general learning experience with an overview of all important topics, and on the other hand, a learning experience directly tailored to your brand: 

General Part

This session is an open invitation for attendees to grasp the significant strides Southeast Asia has made in the digital world. Here, you’ll receive:

  • An Overview of Southeast Asia’s Economic Development, highlighting the milestones achieved and the path ahead.
  • Insight into the Digital Adoption Rate and its profound impact on e-commerce, with a look at the historical context and forward-looking projections.
  • A deep dive into the Mechanics of SEA E-commerce Platforms, uncovering the workings of giants like Shopee, Lazada, and Tokopedia.
  • Understanding the intricate B2C and B2B dynamics, alongside country-specific growth rates, and trends that reveal the market’s potential.
  • An exploration of Market Analysis and Entry Strategies, with practical tools and methodologies for assessing a brand’s current positioning and readiness for expansion into SEA markets.
  • Insights into evaluating market fit and navigating the complexities of infrastructure, legal considerations, and cultural nuances essential for successful expansion.

Customized Part

This segment is tailored to your brand’s unique needs and promises a tailored experience that could look like this:

  • Platform-Specific Deep Dives to identify the most suitable online marketplaces for your brand and unlock the secrets of platform algorithms, marketing tools, and partnership opportunities.
  • A focused look at Consumer Behavior, payment preferences, and logistical challenges, paired with strategies to capitalize on top-performing product categories.
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis to forge robust methodologies for competitor analysis, pricing strategies, and product positioning.
  • An Innovation and Differentiation session that not only analyzes competitor innovations but also fosters a brainstorming environment to spur creative, standout initiatives for your brand.
  • Guidance on crafting Unique Value Propositions, along with innovative product ideas, pricing strategies, and promotional tactics tailored to various markets and consumer segments.

This workshop culminates with the promise of a deeper, more intimate exploration of your brand’s potential through our customized workshop add-on. It’s an opportunity to collaborate closely with our experts, allowing for a market strategy that is not just about entry but thriving in the Southeast Asian e-commerce landscape.

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop is designed for businesses aiming to establish or expand their presence in Southeast Asia’s e-commerce market. Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, our workshop provides valuable insights for decision-makers, marketing professionals and strategists.

Key Learnings

Workshop Take-aways

E-commerce Dynamics

A thorough comprehension of Southeast Asia's economic landscape, essential for navigating e-commerce trends and preparing for future growth.

Strategic Market Entry

Equip yourself with the tools for a critical analysis of your brand's position and how to strategize for market fit and readiness, considering all operational and cultural aspects.

Customized Market Strategies

Discover how to stand out with platform-specific strategies, competitive analysis, and innovation. Learn to create unique value propositions and product ideas that resonate with the SEA market.

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