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Chinese consumers gather on social media communities like Little Red Book, WeChat, Weibo and Douyin (Tik Tok). They share and communicate life inspirations, shopping experiences, parenting tips, cosmetics and fashion trends, and etc.
67% of Chinese consumers think that “social media has improved their life”.

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Building brand awareness, often called as “brand seeding” in China, is considered the most effective step pre-official China market entry and it is the prerequisite qualification for opening a flagship store on large platforms such as Tmall and JD.

The most effective marketing measures of brand seeding in China are content seeding and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) cooperation.

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Major China Social Media Platforms

Litte Red Book (RED)

Little Red Book ("Xiaohongshu" in Mandarin) is a Chinese prominent online lifestyle sharing community. With 450 million registered users and a DAU of 60 million, Little Red Book is a social media platform that operates like a combination of Instagram, Pinterest and Amazon. Users are encouraged to post photos, tag clothing, accessories, and any other products they find interesting. The majority of users are young females from Tier 1 and 2 cities.

WeChat in China


WeChat (or “Weixin” in Chinese) is originally a messaging app similar to WhatsApp, that has evolved beyond chatting and became a super app. It has the functions of many popular western apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, Uber, Tinder, etc.) and more. WeChat is a platform which enables its user to do anything and everything in China, e.g. chatting, posting content, ride hailing, ordering food, booking tickets, mobile payment and investing, and many more.

Weibo China


Weibo - literally translates to microblogging - it is known as the Chinese version of Twitter. Although Weibo is challenged by other social media platforms such as WeChat, Toutiao, and Little Red Book, such that it can no longer dominate China’s social media space like before, Weibo marketing is still an essential tool for brands to gain awareness in China. Weibo’s Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Cooperation is the most straightforward and efficient way to promote on Weibo.

short video douyin

Douyin (Tiktok)

Douyin, known in the West as Tik Tok, is a short-video platform, allowing users to easily create short video based content to share with friends and strangers alike. It is especially preferred by young people and has rapidly grown in popularity not only in China but also in the West. The app has 730 million active users in China and 1 billion active users globally. Content creation is highly encouraged, plenty of templates and special effects are provided by the app, so that users can easily create and share high quality shorts and vlogs.

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Strategy development

Customized social media strategy development based on your needs, objectives and budget.

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Set up your brand account on major social media platforms: WeChat, Weibo, RED, Douyin and many more.

Account management

Content creation and operation, engagement management, backend monitoring and customer service, monthly reporting .

KOL cooperation

Develop customized KOL strategy fit for your brand, KOL selection, content management, KPI tracking and reporting.

Campaign management

Integrated campaign communication plan, creative asset creation, target audience engagement, project management, media buy.

Paid Ads on social Media

Creative asset creation, Media buy, KPI monitoring and reporting.

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China Social Media Marketing FAQ

Chinese consumers gather in social media communities like Little Red Book, WeChat, Weibo and even entertainment platforms like Douyin (also known as Tik Tok) to share and learn life inspirations in various fields, such as shopping, parenting, cosmetics, fashion and to seek for new lifestyles.

Before purchase a product, Chinese consumers will check relevant brand or product content on 2-3 social media platforms in average.

The more social media platform you are on, the more expose you get. However, each platform serves different purposes. Based on your marketing objectives and your brand status, you shall choose a platfrom mix which suits your brands well and allocate the marketing budget efficiently and effectively.

Indeed Yes. However, B2B and B2C businesses shall choose different platforms which are relevant. The usage of the platforms also varies for B2B and B2C businesses.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in lifestyle communities, entertainment platforms and Taobao are not only representatives of Chinese consumers, but also a bridge for the brand to communicate with the majority of consumers. KOLs are very good at communicating the right brand message, promoting the product to their target audience and leading to effective sales conversions. Influencer campaigns can be incredibly efficient.

Among people who purchase a product following a KOL campaign, 48% of them buy directly from the links provided by the influencer. The other half will head to e-commerce platforms to benchmark prices before buying. That’s why KOL marketing is maybe the most effective way to promote a new brand.
KOL cooperation can be used on all above mentioned social media platforms.

KOL cooperation can be used on all above mentioned social media platforms.

Yes, eTOC provides marketing services for all major Chinese social media platfroms.

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