About us

We are a digital agency offering services for digital marketing and e-commerce in the Chinese and other Asian markets.

Behind the scenes at eTOC

Who we are

We are experts in China e-commerce & digital marketing

eTOC is committed to helping international companies succeed in the Chinese market. We provide end-to-end services at all stages of the cycle, from pre-market entry all the way through to ensuring a sustainable future growth.

our vision

We strive to become the bridge between China and the West.

We are truly Integrated

our staff lived and worked in relevant industries in both China and the West.

We are fully attuned

to the culture, pace, communication styles and nuances of both markets.

Always Nearby - Both Culturally and Geographically

  • We have teams based in various location across Europe, US, and China. Our main offices are in Hamburg, Germany and Shanghai, China
  • Our consultants and leadership come from diverse international backgrounds, fluently conversing in English, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Korean

Profound Experiences on Both Sides of The Business

  • We understand how international brands work internally 
  • We provide in-depth knowledge and practical experiences from all major e-commerce platforms
  • Not only do we understand the Chinese market and its digital ecosystems, we are deeply immersed with the people who operate this ecosystem

Proven Track Record

  • Trusted by over 150 international companies;
  • B2C and B2B clients covering both large corporations and SMEs;
  • Quantifiable, tangible performance results.

eTOC’s Core Values

  • Team Spirit: Together Everyone Achieves More.
  • Trust, dignity and transparency.
  • We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients and strive for goals that are mutually beneficial.

Our DNA & Origin

eTOC is originally derived from “ecommerce TO China”.

We started our venture focusing on Chinese E-commerce, and this is still our core competence.

Marketing and sales go hand in hand. Thus, a strong digital marketing competence was developed, especially how to use digital marketing to drive ecommerce. This then became our next core competence.

Over the years, we became the go-to Chinese e-commerce consultants with the best understanding of digital marketing.

And now, we have extended our expertise to the South East Asia region.

Meet our amazing team

The faces behind our success

We couldn’t do it without them

Moonie Zhu

Co-founder & Managing Director Europe

Hao Tong

Co-founder & Managing Director China

eTOC Team

Raymond Zhang

Marketing Director

eTOC Team

Evan Kim

Consulting Director

eTOC Team

Jiaowei Tang

Senior Consultant


Nicole Schlenz

Business Development Manager

eTOC Team

Susie He

Senior Account Manager

eTOC team

Dylan Turner

Business Development Manager

Kristen Chen

Kristen Chen

Account Manager


Faye Cheng


eTOC Team

Agnes Chen


Eric Hu

Eric Hu


eTOC Team

Ryan Han


eTOC Team

Christin Riethmueller


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