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Driven by over 800 million internet users, China has achieved over US$1 trillion in sales in its e-commerce sector in 2020, accounting for about 45 percent of the global e-commerce market. Among its fastest growing subsectors is Cross Border E-Commerce – the sale of overseas products via e-commerce platforms without the need for a local Chinese entity to be established. These platforms include Tmall, JD Global, Kaola and WeChat.

To capitalize on this vast market, many international brands has taken measures to expand into China. This is, however, a difficult task, as different business practices, cultural norms and regulations often impede progress.

eTOC offers a one-stop-shop end-to-end solution, based on our inhouse and strategic partners’ vast experiences, for international brands to enter and thrive in the Chinese market.

If your brand and products are not in China yet

China market entry via e-commerce

China market speed test

List your products on Tmall within 6 weeks. Speed test your product potential, get real market feedback.

Sell on Tmall & JD

Setup your brand flagship store, sell on China's biggest marketplaces Tmall and JD.

Sell to China via WeChat

Setup your WeChat Mini Store and explore the digital ecosystem of Tencent.

China Market Entry Advisory

We simplify your China market entry and guide you through every necessary step.

China E-Commerce Performance Boost

Optimise your e-commerce presence on TMALL and JD. With eTOC's data-driven methods, you can reach the full potential of your China online business.

China Trend Watch & Data Tracking

Stay ahead with sound insights into current trends and market developments in China.

China Learning Expedition

Immerse yourself in China's market with our tailor-made learning expedition, make valuable business contacts and define your China strategy.

Our Process

A simple, yet effective three step process

We first listen to your needs and analyze your potential on the Chinese market. Based on existing data, we develop the appropriate market entry for your company.

01. Evaluation

We analyze your product potential on the Chinese market and develop a suitable market entry strategy.

02. Optimization

We place your products on the largest e-commerce platforms and test your real product potential in the Chinese market.

03. Growth & Sales

We support your sales activities by optimizing your e-commerce and digital marketing campaigns to further grow your China business.

Grow your current China Online Business

After more than a decade of evolution, China’s e-commerce has gotten highly competitive, and its operational complexity increasing rapidly. The focus of the e-commerce battlefield has changed from simply acquiring new customers to comprehensively optimizing the entire brand image and the operation of offline & online marketing.

eTOC offers a full range of services for brands that have already entered the Chinese market. As the Chinese market is unique with vast differences compared to other markets, there are many obstacles that limit growth. eTOC’s vast experience and expertise will be an invaluable asset to your future growth.

If your brand and products are already in China

China e-commerce business growth

China online business optimization

China online business gap analysis, identity growth potential. Bring your business to the next level

Learning Expedition

Explore the real China and get directly connected with the right local partners

Trend watch and data tracking

Insights into the latest trends and market developments, allow businesses make informed decisions, capitalize on new opportunities

Digital channel social listening

Understand your consumer feedback cross all digital channels

Our Process

A simple, yet effective three step process

eTOC provides strategic analyses and identifies performance gaps to optimize your digital business growth in China. We continuously improve & closely monitor the optimization measures so that you can focus on your day-to-day business. 

01. Audit

Based on your data and the current benchmark, we categorize your "status quo" and identify performance gaps to optimize your e-commerce performance.

02. Optimize

We help you to prioritize and implement the optimization possibilities according to their impact on your performance.

03. Grow

We accompany the entire optimization phase and ensures that the measures are fully understood, correctly implemented and that the expected results are actually achieved.

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