AI Generated Videos

Revolutionizing the way you showcase your products!

Low cost, short prodution time, more traffic and engagement, high ROI

Revolutionizing your product video creation

Product Video Production powered by AI

Leveraging the prowess of Artificial Intelligence, we generate cutting-edge 2D and 3D product videos for you. 

High-quality product videos at a low cost and short production time, driving increased traffic, engagement, and a notable return on investment — this is how eTOC revolutionizes the way you showcase your products!

Our videos can seamlessly integrate across a multitude of major Western and Chinese e-commerce and social media platforms, such as Amazon, Shopify, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, Tmall, Red, Douyin, Weibo and more. 

eTOC’s AI-driven video service is an innovative solution curated to address a wide spectrum of e-commerce and marketing needs. 

We craft high-caliber, compelling videos that enhance your products´ appeal and marketability!

2D videos

Give us a product image, we generate a batch of 2D product videos for you!

eTOC´s 2D video service transforms your product images into vibrant, animated visuals that captivate viewers and communicate your brand’s story.

All we need is a photograph of your product and some references that capture your brand’s tone. These references might encapsulate your chosen color scheme, music style, typography, your brand’s distinct ‘voice’ (which could be professional, casual, modern, etc.), and any other unique elements that epitomize your brand’s character.

Guided by these inputs, our intelligent algorithms craft a video that truly represents your brand’s ethos and product USPs, weaving a coherent and compelling narrative for your prospective customers.

This isn’t just about aesthetics, though. Our approach enables potential customers to grasp the essence of your product within mere seconds, presenting information in an engaging and easily digestible format that simplifies decision-making.

This is the power of visual storytelling!

3D videos

Give us a product, we will perform scan to video!

When it comes to 3D videos, we elevate the process to an entirely new dimension.

Upon receiving your physical product, we initiate a thorough 3D scanning and modelling operation.

This rigorous procedure meticulously constructs an elaborate 3D model that encapsulates every detail, every curve, every texture of your product.

Once formed, this detailed model serves as the creative playground for our AI. It brings your product to life in an interactive, three-dimensional format that captivates and engages the viewer.

The transformative power of our 3D videos lies in their ability to weave a comprehensive narrative around your product. By offering a detailed visual exploration of specific parts and even internal structures, these videos not only enlighten viewers about the product’s features and benefits but also connect with them on a deeper, emotional level. They enable a storytelling approach that turns a simple product showcase into an engaging journey, creating a meaningful bond between your brand and your target audience.

The final output is a polished, show-stopping video that sets your product apart in the viewer’s mind, taking product visibility and customer engagement to new heights!

Significant Cost Savings

We substantially reduces the costs associated with traditional video production, such as hiring teams, renting equipment, and post-production editing. With our AI technology, we offer an affordable solution without compromising on quality.

Short Production Time for Batches

Our AI technology allows for quick creation of video batches, significantly speeding up the production process and meeting the needs of businesses requiring multiple videos promptly.

High Return on Investment (ROI)

Video content excels in driving traffic and conversions, enhancing engagement, and enriching product understanding. Coupled with improved SEO and broader social media reach, our cost-effective, high-quality AI-generated videos deliver an impressive ROI

Integration with Major E-Commerce and Social Media Platforms

Our platform integrates with major e-commerce and social media platforms (Shopify, Tmall, Tiktok and more), enabling automatic video creation and posting for a broad, efficient reach, thereby boosting your product’s visibility and market impact. 

We drive your success.

Your Benefits using our AI generated Video Services

In today’s digital age, video content is king. 

By using our AI-generated video service, you’re ensuring your product takes the crown.

Prove of concept

Our cases across different categories

Please be aware that these are primarily mockups.
Feel free to reach out to us, and we'll showcase our actual cases to you!

3D Skincare

3D Jewelry case

3D food & Beverage

3D Fashion

3D Small Appliance

3D Large Appliance

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AI Generated Videos FAQ

Our 2D and 3D videos are compatible with all leading e-commerce and social media platforms.

Whether you’re focusing on major Chinese platforms like Tmall, JD, WeChat, Weibo, RED, and Douyin, or targeting Western platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, our AI-generated videos can seamlessly integrate and help your brand establish a global presence.

Absolutely! We tailor our video creation process to your specific needs, offering flexibility in video lengths. While most short videos typically run from 8-15 seconds and longer ones span 20-30 seconds, we can readily adjust the duration based on your unique requirements. It’s all about crafting a video that best serves your brand’s goals.

Indeed, we create videos tailored to your brand tone and product features. If precise customization is what you seek, we are more than ready to collaborate with you on script design. Essentially, you have the flexibility to determine each second of the video as needed.

Please note, though, that an increase in customization levels may result in additional effort on our part and correspondingly higher costs. It’s all about finding the right balance to serve your brand’s specific objectives.

However, the more customization, the more effort we have, the more cost will be created.

Indeed! Leveraging our sophisticated AI technology, we’re equipped to convert all your e-commerce shop products (e.g. Tmall flagship store or Shopify store)  into captivating 2D videos simultaneously. Our system excels at efficient batch video creation, turning static product images into lively video content in no time. This capability allows you to boost the visibility and allure of your entire product lineup all at once, fostering a unified and engaging shopping journey for your customers.

For 3D videos, however, each product requires individual attention. We perform a detailed scan of each product to craft unique, interactive 3D videos that truly capture the product’s essence and detail. It’s a more personalized approach, ensuring the highest quality portrayal of your product in the dynamic world of 3D.

Video content has proven to be a highly effective way to increase both traffic and conversions for businesses.

Here’s why:

Boosted Engagement

Studies show that consumers are more likely to engage with video content than text or images alone. This is because videos can deliver a rich, immersive experience that captivates viewers. 

Improved Understanding of the Product

Videos are especially useful for product demonstrations, as they allow potential customers to visualize the product in use. By presenting your products through engaging videos, you can effectively communicate the unique features and benefits, helping customers understand the value proposition in just a few seconds.

Increased Trust and Confidence

Videos can build trust and confidence among potential customers. Seeing a product in action can assuage potential doubts and help customers feel more comfortable making a purchase.

Enhanced SEO 

Search engines prioritize content that engages users.

Better Reach on Social Media

Videos are more likely to be shared than other forms of content, extending your reach and bringing in new potential customers. 

By opting for our services, you can achieve over 90% cost savings on video production compared to traditional agency productions.

Reach out to eTOC now! 

We can create videos for a wide range of product categories, including but not limited to fashion, cosmetics, food and beverages, jewelry, consumer products of all types, and even small to large machines or appliances with intricate internal structures. Our AI video creation service is versatile and adaptable, enabling us to showcase the unique features and benefits of products across diverse industries and categories.

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