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Dealing with a new market can be overwhelming at first – especially if it’s a market like China. After all, not only does the digital landscape look completely different, but government regulations also greatly influence entrepreneurial opportunities. On top of that, there are language and cultural differences that are important to understand for a complete picture of the country.

Our consultants have many years of experience in both the European and Asian markets and will provide you with the most important skills for your business through an interdisciplinary exchange with you. The goal is to develop sustainable project plans and concrete implementation plans for your company in a short time.

Discover our workshop offers and contact us directly for individual inquiries. We will gladly adapt the workshop contents to your business needs.

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eTALK Workshops at a glance

China Market Entry

1. Market overview: China digital landscape
2. China's CBEC regulations
3. Logistic overview: Bonded warehouse model
4. Potential (gap) & competitor analysis

China Day

1. Understanding the Eastern mindset
2. Your industry trend insights
3. The Chinese consumer: Consumer Behavior
4.Retail & E-Commerce landscape in China
5. Latest trends in digital marketing

WeChat Marketing

1. Platfrom introduction
2. App structure: front- & backend surface
3. WeChat for companies: Accounts & functionalities
4. WeChat Mini Programs
5. Potential (gap) & competitor analysis
6. WeChat business planning

Baidu Marketing

1. Baidu's digital ecosystem
2. National vs. cross-border regulations
3. Overview: SEO (onsite & offsite optimization)
4. Overview: SEM (advertisement types & strategies)
5. Practical insights: Overseas success cases
6. Strategic planning & budget forecast (1-3 years)

Korea Digital Landscape

1. Introduction to the South Korean e-commerce landscape
2. Learn about the intricacies of social commerce and digital engagement
3. Analyze successful strategies of top-performing competitors
4. Discover innovative e-commerce opportunities and key market gaps

Southeast Asia E-Commerce

1. Evolution and growth of e-commerce in SEA
2. The mechanics of major SEA e-commerce platforms
3. Market analysis and entry strategies
4. Insights into platform-specific details
5. Competitive strategies for innovation and differentiation.

Re-thinking Digital: The Future of Shopping

1. Understanding the stagnation in Western e-commerce and exploring fresh perspectives
2. Generation Z's Influence
3. Insights into China’s unique digital ecosystem and its impact on global shopping trends
4. The experiential and entertainment aspects of shopping in China

Technology-Driven Marketing in China

1. The Role of AI, VR, AR, and the Metaverse
2. Practical examples from China’s use of digital technologies in marketing
3. How technology is enabling more personalized and engaging marketing tactics.
4. Case studies

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