China Trend Watch and Data Tracking

Stay updated with the latest trends and make the right decision based on real business relevant data.

Make your China Business Decision based on the lastest Data and trends

China trend watch and data tracking service provides insights into the latest trends and market developments in China.

As one of the world’s largest economies and most populous countries, China’s economic and social landscape is constantly changing. This service helps you stay up-to-date with the latest developments, providing valuable information on emerging trends, consumer behavior, and cultural shifts.

By tracking and analyzing data, this service provides insights into the Chinese market, allowing businesses to make informed decisions, capitalize on new opportunities and stay ahead of the curve.

1. Industry And Category Trends

Category uprising trends from consumer search, social discussion, e-commerce sales as well as market fluctuations.

Incorporate those insights into precise marketing communication & new business opportunity identification.


2. Market And Competitor Data Tracking

A close monitoring on market size and development as well as core competitors and market leaders in a regular basis.

Keep updated on competitor’s status in the market, adapt successful learnings and avoid mistakes.

3. Market Top Sellers Performance Tracking

Regular tracking of market top sellers on major e-commerce platforms to understand what key factors drives the development of the categories.

4. voice of consumers

Supported by AI semantic analysis technology, social listening is a way to better listen and understand consumer’s shopping needs and insights from e-commerce and social media platforms.

At the same time,  negative voices will also be managed in time.

We facilitate your decision making

Trends to Watch & Data to Track

We regularly provide you the latest trends and track all business relevant data for your China business operation.

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Trend Watch and Data Tracking FAQ

The Chinese market is constantly changing and evolving. New trends and innovations pop up all the time. 

It is very difficult for you als business owner or operator to gather all round data and keep up with the full dimensional trends.

eTOC helps you to gather all the relevant business data and latest trends, you can gain a full transparency about your China business and focus on making the right decisions for your business.

eTOC collects the data from different credible sources including industry reports, platforms published category trends, real sales data, shop backend data. 

Besides that, we also have crawling tools which generate the market and category sales data, consumers voices across all major social media platforms. 

All the data will be carefully checked and compared, afterwards the insights and operation recommendations will be generated and prepared.

It depends on your business needs. We recommend you to order the quarterly or biannual reports.

Yes, all reports are customized for your industry and categories.

You can also define the competitors you want to watch and the platforms your want to focus on.

The pricing depends on the project scope we are about to define together. eTOC will provide a proposal covering all the relevant business data and aspects. You can decide which aspects you want to focus on. 

 Contact us directly for a quote! 

We cover all the major digital platforms, such as Tmall, JD, Pinduoduo, Douyin, Little Red Book (RED), WeChat, Weibo…

You can choose which platforms you want to focus on.

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Managing Director Europe

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