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This is “eTALK with Moonie”, a monthly newsletter to update you with the latest news in China.

Moonie and the team are here to share our observations and in-depth insights of major e-commerce and digital marketing events in China.

We wish to shed light on your China business and strive to become the bridge between China and the West.

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Moonie Zhu

Founder & Managing Director

Meet Moonie Zhu

Moonie is a Chinese national living in Germany since 2006.

An expert with 15+ years of experience in Marketing, Brand Building, Strategy Development and E-commerce, she is your go-to-person for all things related to China e-commerce and digital marketing.

Besides being a successful entrepreneur backed by numerous awards such as the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Woman, Global Bridge German Chinese Young Leader, etc., Moonie is also a renowned China expert, keynote speaker, influencer, and female leadership advocator.

She has a large follower base on LinkedIn, where she regularly shares China insights and her personal takes on life and work – inspiring thousands of people.

She is the co-founder of the China-focused e-commerce and social media agency eTOC and the content and insights label eTALK.

eTOC assists international brands thrive in China through its expert knowledge and know-knows with regards to e-commerce and digital marketing. Over 150 international brands have trusted eTOC with their businesses in China.

eTALK focuses on producing and sharing high quality content pertaining to doing business in China, especially emphasizing on news, insights and trends, as well as educating people about e-commerce and digital marketing knowledge and practices.

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