China Learning Expedition

Understand how to do business in China and establish crucial connections with the right platforms and partners through an intensive one-week expedition.

China learning expedition: experience, learn and network

The world is changing rapidly and new opportunities and challenges are emerging as China opens up. Our learning expedition is your ticket to experiencing developments in China first-hand, from e-commerce to social media, and connecting directly with key partners and platforms. With eTOC by your side, you will explore the nuances of the Chinese market, understand the current challenges, and find ways to utilize them to your advantage.

1 China's development

Experience the progress and changes at first hand.

2. E-Commerce and Social Media

Learn about the key platforms and trends that are shaping the Chinese market today.

3. Business Networking

Meet the right business partners with our targeted networking program.

4. crucial success factors

Understand the challenges such as policy/regulations, distribution channels, technological innovation, and the selection of competent partners.

About the learning expedition

tailored to your specific business needs

Join us on a customized journey that takes you through the fascinating cities of Shanghai and Hangzhou. Supported by experienced guides, our program offers deep insights.

What to expect:

Additonal Resources

Oriental Beauty Valley

Discover China’s premier hub for cosmetics and health care industries. Oriental Beauty Valley features over 100 subsidiary business parks and advanced infrastructure dedicated to beauty-related development and production. Benefit from various programs and services designed to empower SMEs, providing unique opportunities for growth and innovation.

Qingdao Extension

Join the optional extension to Qingdao from September 9th to 11th, 2024, organized by Jens-Christian Posselt. Enjoy business matchmaking organized by the CCPIT, visit the innovative Sino-German Ecopark, gain legal insights from local experts, and immerse yourself in the city’s unique blend of German and Chinese heritage.

Taicang Extension

Join the optional extension to spend one day in Taicang on September 9th, organized and sponsored by the Taicang government. Explore cooperation achievements at the Sino-German Cooperation Exhibition Hall, experience European-style streets on Rothenburg Street, learn about operations at the Comprehensive Bonded Zone in Taicang Port, discover popular products at the Suzhou Global Featured Product Exhibition Center, and network with local government and entrepreneurs.

China Impressions

Request without obligation for the China Learning Expedition

Ready for an unforgettable learning experience? Enter your details and select your preferred date to take the first step towards your business expansion in China. We look forward to accompanying you on this exciting journey and will send you more information.

We Have Great Answers

China Learning Expedition FAQ

Companies, teams and individuals who are interested in discovering the real China and get connected with the local partners. 

We suggest you to plan 1 week for a China learning expedition.

Absolutely, customization is at the heart of our approach for groups of 10 or more participants. We invite you to share your specific interests and requirements with us, allowing us to craft a proposal that perfectly aligns with your expectations. With your input, we create a fully tailor-made agenda and timeline, ensuring your experience is as unique as your group. For smaller groups or individual participants this option is currently not available.

We recommend you to travel to China and experience China on site. 

However, depending on your time and needs, most workshops and meetings can also be held digitally.

Our learning expeditions have a set pricing structure to ensure transparency and ease of planning for our participants. For individual attendees or smaller groups, this fixed cost provides access to a comprehensive suite of experiences, workshops, and networking opportunities designed to immerse you in China’s innovation ecosystem.

For groups of 10 or more, we offer the possibility to receive an individual quote, allowing for a tailored expedition experience that meets your specific needs and interests. This customization can include a variety of options.

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