Workshop "Korea Digital Landscape"

Navigating the Digital Wave

Join our comprehensive workshop to decode the digital DNA of South Korea’s booming e-commerce scene. Whether you’re new to the market or looking to enhance your current strategies, our program, split into general and specialized modules, is designed to guide you through the complexity and dynamism of the South Korean digital marketplace. The General and Customized Part need to be booked individually. 

General Part

Accessible to all participants, this segment provides a foundational understanding of South Korea’s digital commerce environment:

Overview of South Korea’s E-commerce Landscape

  • Presentation of e-commerce statistics to paint a clear picture of the market size, growth and trends.
  • Analysis of consumer demographics and their online shopping behavior.
  • The role of South Korea’s advanced internet infrastructure in e-commerce growth.

 Social Commerce and Digital Engagement

  • Exploring the phenomenon of social e-commerce in Korea and its implications for brands.
  • Best practices for leveraging social media platforms to drive e-commerce sales.
  • Engaging with Korean digital culture and its influence on buying habits.

Mastering South Korean E-commerce Platforms

  • In-depth review of leading platforms such as Coupang, Naver, and others.
  • Understanding platform-specific algorithms, seller benefits and customer acquisition strategies.

Customized Part

This segment is tailored to your brand’s unique needs and promises a tailored experience that could look like this:

  • Competitor Analysis: Despite the challenge of obtaining sales data, we provide case studies of successful brands to model your strategies upon.
  • E-commerce Innovations: Explore cutting-edge concepts like live and quick commerce, including a case study on YouTube’s live commerce initiatives.
  • Market Opportunities: We conduct a thorough examination of market gaps, consumer needs, and opportunities tailored to your brand, ensuring your marketing message resonates with South Korean values and trends.


Interested in a customized deep dive for your brand? Our workshop offers the flexibility to focus on your specific brand, category, and products, assisting you in screening market opportunities and designing a concrete market entry strategy.

Who Will Benefit?

This workshop is perfect for e-commerce professionals, digital marketers, business strategists, and anyone interested in capturing or expanding their slice of the South Korean e-commerce market.

Key Learnings

Workshop Take-aways

Market Insight

Understand the size, growth, and trends of the South Korean e-commerce market to make informed strategic decisions.

Digital Strategy

Learn best practices for engaging customers through South Korea's unique digital culture and social media landscape.

Platform Proficiency

Become adept at navigating the nuances of South Korea's leading e-commerce platforms, aligning your brand with the right online marketplace.

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