Sell on TMALL

Enter the Chinese market through e-commerce marketing

Sell on TMALL

Opening your own e-commerce shop in China can be an exciting but challenging project for any brand. We help you analyze your product potential and place your top-sellers in your own TMALL Flagship Store.

We have extensive experience with the business performance optimization on TMALL and are able to support your brand as an official TP (TMALL Partner).

Market fit

We help you analyze your overall business setup in order to identify if a TMALL Flagship Store is the right e-commerce platform for your brand.

Your TP partner

If your business setup is ready to open a TMALL Flagship Store, we either can directly support you as your TP or help you find distributors to extent your business setup in China. 


Prior to the launch of your own TMALL Flagship Store, we conduct some detailed product, industry analyses to prepare your brand for successful launch.

Efficient execution

Once the preparations for the official launch are ready we support you during and after the launch with our operational team in Shanghai. 

We believe in your success.

Good reasons for a TMALL Flagship Store

Use the biggest e-commerce solutions in China to promote your products to your Chinese target audience. 

We Have Great Answers


Yes, generally speaking there are some niche industries which cannot open their own TMALL Flagship Store. However, depending on the case and available certifications it can be possible to open a store. Please get in touch with us directly to check if your products are the right fit for a TMALL Flagship Store.

Yes, if you need support with additional marketing activites we can support you on all key platforms in China. 

Read More here. 

No, the Flagship Store solution is only available for brands with a registered company in China. 

The logistics process is organized by eTOC with Cainiao (Alibaba’s logistic service provider). You simply need to store the products in your warehouse for collection. Afterwards your products are being shipped to China and stored in a bonded warehouse.

Depending on the product analyses, we highly recommend to adapt the product to the needs of the Chinese customers.

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