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Chinese search engines, such as Baidu, Sogou, and Qihoo 360, are vastly different compared to Google and other international search engines. These differences stem from the unique characteristics of the Chinese internet market, including the Great Firewall of China, which censors certain content, and the fact that the majority of Chinese internet users do not speak English. As a result, Chinese search engines have developed their own algorithms and ranking factors that are optimized for the Chinese market; they are tailored to the preferences and behavior of Chinese internet users. 

One of the most important criteria for website marketing in this context is the hosting location of the website. Once a stable website accessibility and loading speed can be expected, search engine optimization and advertisement measures can be planned and carried out. The differences in advertisement models and policies compared to Google are immense and brands often lack the market specific knowledge to develop a sound marketing strategy. 

Companies looking to do search engine marketing in China need to take into account the differences between China and their home and adopt a different approach to SEO and SEA. This may include using Chinese keywords and phrases, as well as having localized content and websites. 

#1 Baidu

With 646 million monthly users, Baidu is the largest search engine in China and the third largest in the world. Chinese people prefer to get detailed information about products before they make purchases. They often use Baidu for their research. Therefore, understanding Baidu's properties and being easily found on Baidu is extremely important.

#2 Sogou

Sogou is China's second largest search engine and plays a particularly important role because it belongs to Tencent and is the default browser in Tencent's "super app" WeChat and QQ. Therefore Sogou exposes you to millions of active users searching for information and brands through the Tencent ecosystem.

#3 Qihoo 360

360 is the largest provider of Internet and mobile security products in China. Originated from a Chinese IT security company known for its antivirus software the company developed to the securest search engine in China. Therefore, in many companies the search engine is installed as default search engine and is well suited for B2B Marketing in China.

Baidu Ads (SEA)

Baidu Ads differs from Google Ads especially in the number of ads, Baidu offers significantly more advertising options. In addition to the usual search engine advertising, there are display ads, mobile app advertising, Baidu Properties placement, live streaming advertising, and “Brand Zone” offers a brand the opportunity to provide information about its brand.

There are a variety of ways to guide potential consumers to targeted landing pages. Furthermore, domain hosting and physically having a company headquarters in China are also not mandatory. Those that want to place Baidu Ads can do so through a Chinese representative.

Since the registration process is quite bureaucratic and only available in Chinese, it is recommended to hire a native editor. Once the account has been approved, campaigns and designs of ads and keywords can be set up in the backend. For this purpose, Baidu offers useful tools, such as: Baidu Keyword Planner, Baidu Index and Baidu Analytics.

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