Search Engine Marketing in China

Almost 750 million users regularly use search engines in the Middle Kingdom. Since the Chinese firewall entails technical peculiarities and Google is not accessible in China, search engines such as Baidu and Sogou are used. They are both specialized in indexing Chinese content.

So if you want to enter the Chinese market, your company should focus on Chinese search engines and their properties.

#1 Baidu Marketing

With 391 million monthly users, Baidu is the largest search engine in China and the third largest in the world. Chinese people like to get detailed information about products before they buy them. They use Baidu for their research. Therefore understanding Baidu’s properties and being easily found on Baidu is extremely important.

Baidu's Properties (SEO)

Baidu Baike

As a counterpart to Wikipedia, it is frequently displayed on Baidu for search queries. Baidu regularly checks it’s content for correctness and neutrality, through this control potential customers gain confidence in the information.

Baidu Zhidao

As a Q&A platform, Baidu Zhidao offers companies the option of registering an official company profile, contact with potential customers and thus allows them to answer questions about the company directly. Potential customers gain trust in the company and, at the same time, the company’s visibility within Baidu increases.

Baidu Tieba

As a keyword-based discussion forum, Baidu Tieba offers users the opportunity to participate in discussions and express themselves as experts on specific topics.

Baidu Wenku

As the leading knowledge service platform in China, Baidu Wenku provides users with the ability to publish documents for free, thus more than 180,000 professional documents have been published by certified authors.

Baidu Ads (SEA)

Baidu Ads differs from Google Ads especially in the amount of ads, Baidu offers significantly more advertising options. In addition, to the usual search engine advertising, there are display ads, mobile app advertising, Baidu Properties placement, live streaming advertising and the so-called “Brand Zone” offers a brand the opportunity to provide information about its brand.

There are a variety of ways to guide potential consumers to targeted landing pages and hosting or a company headquarters in China are not mandatory either, those who want to place Baidu Ads can do so through a Chinese representative.

Since the registration process is quite bureaucratic and only available in Chinese, it is recommended to it is advisable to ask for the help of a native speaker.Once the account has been approved, campaigns as well as designs of ads and keywords research can be set up in the backend. For this purpose, Baidu offers useful tools, such as: Baidu Keyword Planner, Baidu Index and Baidu Analytics.

#2 Sogou Marketing

Sogou is China’s second largest search engine and plays a particularly important role because it belongs to Tencent and is therefore deposited as the default browser in the “super app” WeChat and Tencent’s QQ. Through cooperations with smartphone manufacturers like Huawei, Sogou is also used as the default browser in some smartphones.  Sogou has direct access to millions of active users through its cooperation with the knowledge forum “Zhihu” and is also known for its unique algorithm “Sogou Rank Index” and a particularly structured search results page. Brands can customize their own widgets, product images and links within the search results page.

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