Full Guide of Chinese Shopping Festivals

Introduction No other country in the world celebrates shopping festivals as much as China. The best known of these is Singles Day, or Double 11, when sales records are broken every year and this trend seems to stay. However, there is much more to China than Singles Day. In addition to the major national holidays, there are other events that companies should prepare for. Below we present the biggest Chinese shopping festivals in chronological order. In doing so, we go…

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What is Zhihu? A complete guide of the Chinese Q&A platform

Zhihu - the Chinese question and answer platform When people want to find an answer to their question, they most likely think of Google. This is not surprising, as Google holds around 86% of the global search engine market share (Statista 2021). Source: kr-asia.com Zhihu, the Chinese Q&A website and the Chinese equivalent of Quora. In 2021, there were more than 420 million registered users, 100 million monthly active users (MAU), spending an average of 70 minutes/day on Zhihu (Zhihu…

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How to do Baidu Search Marketing in China?

About Baidu Baidu was founded on the 1st of January, 2000, in Zhongguancun, Beijing. It’s founder, Li Yan Hong, holds the patent for “Hyperchain Analysis”, making China a part of the only four nations (along with USA, Russia and South Korea) in the world with core search engine technology. Every day, Baidu processes over 1 billion search requests from over 100 countries and is the primary source of Chinese information and services for netizens across the world, serving over 1…

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Online Payment Tools in China

Part 1 - Online Payment Market Overview Considerable and growing online payment market Affiliate marketing, an advertising tool in which companies compensate third-party publishers to generate traffic towards its products and services, plays a significant role in the e-commerce economy. Vendors only need to cooperate with affiliates to reach a wide base of potential consumers. However, affiliate marketing is different in China; Taobaoke is the most widely used affiliate marketing approach. What exactly is Taobaoke? Why do we choose Taobaoke…

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5 Steps to Build Top Sellers on Douyin

In the recent years, Douyin has become the fastest growing platform to build the brand top sellers in a short time. In this article, we will tell you how to build top seller on Douyin in 5 steps. The feature of Douyin’s algorithm and instant click-to-purchase facilitate building top sellers. Here summarises two main characters of Douyin top sellers. High-quality + Attractive communication story + Little Red Book seeding to build brand e-reputation Products with apparent efficacy before and after…

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