Workshop "China Day"

Who shall join this workshop?

Are you looking for a fast yet comprehensive way to get to know the Chinese market?

Have you started the China expansion project that needs cross department support from HQ, but your support staff are unfamiliar with the Chinese market?

Good news!

eTOC is introducing a China crash course spanning just a single day!

Whether directly involved with the Chinese market or in a supporting role, you probably have realized that it is a completely different world over there.

The best way to get optimized results is for your management and staff to have a brief yet holistic understanding of this foreign market. We want to save you from the cost and troubles of going in blind, of making costly errors and so on. 

As daunting and lengthy as it may sound, with our vast experience, we have carefully picked out the most important topics as well as the key elements in those topics – condensed them, so that we can thoroughly cover everything in just one day. 

This workshop is for all companies that are already active in China.

Our emphasis is for our attendees to pick up a working level of affinity for China and the Chinese market, key information for their chosen industry and, most importantly, paint for them an UP-TO-DATE picture.

We want our attendees to come out, armed with core knowledge that they can readily use and create value with.

Key Learnings

Workshop Take-aways

Culture, Society & Politics

Chinese political and economical landscape and impact on business customs.

Consumer & Industry Insights

Successful business strategies and the latest trends of your industries and target group.

Online Business Landscape & Key Success Factors

Key basics and latest trends in China e-commerce & digital marketing.

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