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Tmall Advertising (Alibaba Paid Advertising)

Alibaba accounted for 34.3% of the total net digital Ad revenue in China in 2019. Neither Google’s counterpart in China – Baidu (17.5%) – nor in some degree Facebook’s counterpart – Tencent (17.2%) – can challenge Alibaba’s dominance in digital advertising industry in China.

What is Alimama?

Alimama is the marketing technology platform within Alibaba eco-system. Based on intelligent algorithms, Alimama integrates and extracts data from search results, recommendations, videos, finance, logistics, and Alibaba-related websites and apps, and generates a large, complex, and heterogeneous uni data picture. It offers multiple paid advertising solutions based on bidding methodology to support the marketing needs from brand exposure to sales conversion. Alimama offers sellers on Alibaba Group’s marketplaces (e.g., Taobao, Tmall) online marketing services for both personal computers and mobile devices.
Alibaba Paid Advertising

What are the most used paid advertising solutions within Alimama?

The most used paid advertising solutions within Alimama are search ads, display ads, feeds ads and affiliate marketing.

Search Ads

Zhitongche (ZTC) 直通车

ZTC is one of the most cost-efficient keyword search marketing tools targeting consumers with specific purchase intention. ZTC is charged by ad clicks (cost-per-click). Since ZTC provides a direct access of products for consumers through search, it´s commonly used to promote new products for new customer acquisition or hero products for maximal conversion.

Star Shop/Brand Zone 明星店铺/品牌专区

Star Shop/ Brand Zone is the brand name related keyword search ad. It is predominately available for brand flagship stores from Tmall. Thus, it is the best Tmall advertising channel to make flagship store distinguishable from unauthorized sellers and distributors. It´s usually used as the best channel for the sellers to reach consumers who are already showing the brand preference.
star shop brand zone

Display Ads

Diamond Booth 智钻/钻展

Diamond Booth is the display ad that is based on visual display (including image & videos), with precise targeting as the core approach, same real-time bidding cost model but different from ZTC & Star Shop/Brand Zone, it can be displayed both inside and outside Taobao environment through mobile app or PC. There are 192 display locations in total. Mobile display often has the best performance given over 90% traffic are coming from mobile. Diamond Booth is charged by ad exposure (cost-per-mille).
diamond booth

News Feeds Ads

Super Recommendation 超级推荐

Super Recommendation is an algorithm-driven advertising system to push personalized recommendations to consumers based on their in-app activities. It helps brands promote its products, contents, short videos or live-streaming programs under a bidding model. The targeted consumers of Super Recommendation are those who don’t have a clear purchase intention. Therefore, the strategy should integrate high potential products with interesting contents or live-streaming programs of hero products. Super Recommendation ads can be displayed on Taobao App Homepage, Shopping Cart, Payment Page, Weitao, Live-streaming Homepage and Youhaohuo 有好货.
super recommendation

Affiliate Marketing


TaobaoKe is the Affiliate Marketing tool which allows merchants to set up commissions reward for individuals or platforms that could help promote the brand. It is often used for attracting traffic from outside of the Taobao ecosystem. For instance, consumers place orders via the hyperlinks generated from affiliates through private channels, including vertical websites, social platforms, WeChat chat groups and so on.

affiliate marketing

How to optimize Alimama paid advertising solutions?

In order to optimize the Alimama paid advertising performance, the first step is to evaluate the performance status quo and identify improvement potentials.
When the improvement potential is identified, budget and strategies can be adjusted accordingly.
There are 4 major aspects to be improved for a more effective paid advertising strategy:
  • Target consumers
  • Keywords
  • Ad material design
  • Time of use bidding
Performance marketing is a must have sales driven marketing measure in China e-commerce. Understanding Alimama paid advertising tools’ mechanisms is of utmost importance to achieve e-commerce success on the biggest China e-commerce platform Tmall.
Brands can perform benchmark analysis of competitors’ strategies, compare the advantages and disadvantages of each marketing tools, based on its own brand tonality and budget allocation, and then adjust and optimize the best advertising format for brand development gradually.
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