Gen Z in China

Gen Z in China GenZ is the future core proponent of China’s domestic consumption! Who is Gen Z? What makes the Chinese Gen Z so special? What do marketers need to know to win GenZ in China? 1. Who is Gen Z? Generation Z (Gen Z) refers to people born between around 1997 and 2012. This time span can slightly vary depending on the definition and continent. In Asia, for example, the period between 1996 and 2010 is referred to…

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Bullet Comments Culture in China

What are “bullet comments”? In general,  “Bullet comments”, or “dan’mu” (弹幕) in Chinese are comments that float across the screen, just like flying bullets. It was first originated in the Japanese ACG industry and developed by a Japanese Cartoon site Nico Nico in 2006. The name “dan’mu” or “bullet comments” comes from the Japanese “danmaku” genre of shooter games. The Danmaku name translates to “bullet hell,” referring to how users are hit by a barrage of bullets in the gameplay.…

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eTALK China Insights: Chinese Taboos

Source: While some of these taboos are rather amusing and somewhat outdated, we should respect the idea of observing the traditions of any foreign country you might be travelling to.The following list could potentially save you from some awkward and embarrassing moments in China! Gifting Pears Source: How could an innocent little pear be taboo?The simple answer is: it implies separation!The Chinese term for "sharing a pear" sounds very similar to the term “to separate". Therefore, sharing a…

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Metaverse in China

Introduction The term around the so-called metaverse always causes a stir with various news. What is the metaverse? What role does China play in it? What are the differences between a Western and a Chinese metaverse? Which companies and apps do you have to know about? This blog article provides a comprehensive introduction to the topic! Source: Reuters 1. What is "Metaverse"? Simply put, the metaverse connects the real and virtual worlds. The word is composed of "meta" and universe.…

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What is Zhihu? A complete guide of the Chinese Q&A platform

Zhihu - the Chinese question and answer platform When people want to find an answer to their question, they most likely think of Google. This is not surprising, as Google holds around 86% of the global search engine market share (Statista 2021). Source: Zhihu, the Chinese Q&A website and the Chinese equivalent of Quora. In 2021, there were more than 420 million registered users, 100 million monthly active users (MAU), spending an average of 70 minutes/day on Zhihu (Zhihu…

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eTALK China Insights: China Social Media Ecosystem

Social Media in China There are approx. 927 million social media users in China during 2020. The Chinese netizens have been increasing their dependence on Chinese social media platforms to share their opinions and make connections. Top social media apps include: Douyin WeChat Weibo Xiaohongshu (RED) The Ecosystem Thinking Source: Chinese social media apps differ from most of their counterparts in the West in the sense that they all tend to slowly branch out to have their own…

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