Cheat sheet to quickly understand 2023 Double 11 in China

Cheat sheet to quickly understand 2023 Double 11 in China

Event duration

All other platforms started their promotion earlier than Tmall in 2023 Double 11.

Tmall duration: 10/24 – 11/11

JD duration: 10/23 – 11/13

PDD duration: 10/20 – 11/13

Douyin duration: 10/20 – 11/11

RED duration: 10/20 – 11/12

The “lowest price” battlefield has begun

Simpler promotion mechanism

Unlike the complex mechanisms of previous years, several e-commerce platforms simplified their “Double 11” promotions this year, focusing entirely on offering “low prices.”

Taobao (including Tmall): 

In addition to the cross-store discounts of former years (¥300 – ¥50), Tmall also provided the option of a direct discount for single items. 

Meanwhile, the platform also provides subsidies exceeding ¥10 billion, including ¥20 billion of coupons for 88VIP members (Tmall membership), ¥1 billion of live streaming coupons and ¥1 billion of brand membership benefits

Lastly, for those brand merchants willing to offer lowest price across Internet or direct store discounts to users, Tmall will provide additional support across key shopping channels on the platform, including search, recommendations, live-streaming. Discounted products will be clearly marked with the “Flash Sale” label.


JD has introduced a mechanism for directly selling products in stock instead of pre-sale, covering electronic products and home appliances and other key categories on JD, which helps consumers save time on pre-sale .

Similar to Tmall, except for across store discounts (¥299 – ¥50; plus ¥20 extra subsidy), JD has also offered price guarantee promises for over 800 million items and large coupons exclusively for PLUS members (JD membership), which can be used together with other coupons.


This year, Douyin has directly ditched the cross-store discount and introduced a direct discount for single items as well (min. 15% off).

Apart from that, Douyin also launched a membership card similar to 88VIP on Tmall and PLUS member on JD, naming Douyin Golden card and providing extra stacking coupons.

For registered merchants and those who actively complete tasks on the platform can get traffic support, multiple types of platform subsidies and other resources.

A quick glance at pre-sale performance


Within an hour, over 1,300 brands witnessed turnover growth exceeding 200% YoY, with nearly 700 brands experiencing a remarkable turnover increase of over 500% YoY. Short-video promotions, aimed at enhancing no. of add-to-cart, surged by more than 600% YoY.


In the first 10 minutes following the start of the promotion on JD, user orders and total transaction volume on the platform skyrocketed to over 4 times that of the previous year. Notably, several home appliance brands witnessed a tenfold increase in sales compared to previous years, while automotive product sales experienced a remarkable 60-fold surge compared to the same period last year.

Source: Open data from Tmall & JD

Remarkable category performance on Tmall:

Source: Open data from Tmall

As double 11 is in progress, more information and data performance will be released after the official end of the promotion.

eTOC will continue to follow up on Double 11 information and upload more comprehensive information afterward, so stay tuned and don’t miss out following updates!

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