Recap – eTOC 5th Anniversary

Recap - eTOC 5th Anniversary

On 08.08.2018, our digital agency was founded by our managing directors Moonie Zhu & Hao Tong in Hamburg. This year we have reached the first milestone since the foundation – the 5th anniversary.

In recent years, we have not only successfully served more than 150 companies in the Chinese market, but have also been able to build an international team for our locations in China and Germany. The business, which was initially focused on e-commerce, was also quickly expanded to include digital marketing services for all relevant platforms in B2C and B2B marketing with a focus on the Chinese market.

This growth has brought its challenges – especially this year. With the expansion of our service portfolio, it was necessary to rethink our positioning in the market. In other words, a rebranding was needed. After many internal discussions and conversations with design experts and website specialists, we decided to evolve from our original e-commerce focus to holistic digital marketing for the APAC region.

As a digital agency with a location in Germany and China, our goal is to improve the hurdles between European and Asian cooperation in the long term. In doing so, we work closely with our clients and, in addition to providing operational support on the Chinese market, we particularly carry out intensive educational work with our social media content on LinkedIn, give specialist presentations at trade fairs and events and, if requested, also offer interactive workshops for our clients.

Moonie Zhu & Nicole Schlenz; Masterclass on the topic: "Unlock the Chinese Market: How to do B2C and B2B marketing in China?" at the OMR in Hamburg 2023

Our success as a digital agency has been shaped by our transparent way of working over the last 5 years and will continue to be so. Genuine “transparency” is the basic prerequisite for successful cooperation, whether with partners, clients or colleagues. That is why transparent communication is also the first of our corporate values.

As the second and thus central corporate value, we have chosen “togetherness“. More than just in the sense of good cooperation, for many of our clients we are representative of the company in the APAC markets. We understand the interests of our customers at the main location and, as part of the organisation, we unite the interests with locally available partners or the subsidiaries. Therefore, collaborative work with customers, partners, target groups and internal employees is a core value in our corporate culture.

In the joint cooperation with our customers, it is part of the process that we constantly encounter new challenges and problems. In recent years, it has become apparent that many problems in the Chinese market can also be solved in other Asian markets. This has enabled us to identify synergies between, for example, China & Korea and use them for our clients to achieve scalable results. We strive to accurately document operational and conceptual weaknesses as well as successes in order to be able to learn from the measures in the long term and grow together with our clients.

APAC Ecommerce und Marketing workshop in Korea with Henkel

We are happy to support our clients in the successful implementation of their learnings from China in other Asian markets, because in practice the insights gained are often not only a strategic reference point for opening up further markets for themselves, but can also be an important success factor in the operational roll-out through cost-efficient campaign conception and creation. As a digital performance agency, we focus on measurable goals. This also explains why we chose “Achievement” as our third corporate value. Educational work between the European and Asian regions is important, but progress must also be made measurable, because only in this way are we able to track changes and make informed decisions for the future based on them.Would you also like to get more involved with the Asian market, especially China, and learn from the experiences in the eastern market? In our monthly eTALK newsletter we communicate continuously about developments & trends on the Asian markets.

With our 5th anniversary, we are happy to not only look back positively on the past years, but also to continuously develop our business. We promise there is more to come! 

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