eTALK China Insights: Private-Domain Traffic on the Rise in China

From Public to Private-Domain Traffic

Building direct communication channels

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Without a doubt, competition on Chinese e-commerce platforms is enormous.

Brands spend a lot of money on public-domain traffic to generate reach on platforms like Taobao or JD.

But the trend is moving towards private-domain traffic.

Building Direct Communication Channels

From Public to Private-Domain Traffic

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While it has been common for potential customers to become aware of brands through public advertising, companies are now going one step further.

After the purchase, the customer is to be tied directly to the company’s own sales channel. Through invitations to the e.g. public WeChat account, a more personal bond can be built.


Advantages Private Domain Wechat

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Once communication with customers is directed to private channels such as WeChat, advertising can be customized for the target audience to generate repeat purchases and maintain customer retention.

In addition, there are no costs caused by third-party platforms, but all interactions must be managed by the account holder.

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