eTALK China Insights: Green Growth

Green China

Climate change is a threat to the entire world. While the trend of a sustainable lifestyle is becoming more and more important, this is also the case in China.  Environmental protection in China is becoming cool and fashionable.

More than 90% of Chinese respondents recognize the value of environmental protection and sustainable development. This figure is also reflected in the purchasing and consumption behavior of many Chinese. More and more consumers are paying attention to using products frequently and sustainably.

As environmental protection in China gets cool, marketers and brands adapt to this trend. Eco-friendly products such as clothes or reusable cups encourage green behavior; And attract environmentally conscious customers to the stores. On average, 43% are willing to spend more money on a green product. This is strongly related to consumers’ income.

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Protecting the environment depends on everyone. The majority of Chinese society agrees on sustainable change. The image and value of a brand are clearly gaining in importance. As the figure above shows, 83% of Chinese respondents agree that retailers should promote sustainable purchasing and consumption.

What was once the digital transformation in China could soon be a sustainable one. More and more brands are getting on the bandwagon and adapting their products and their image. Companies like Midea (household appliance manufacturer) or ANTA (sporting goods manufacturer) are pioneers in China and are setting new, sustainable standards.

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