2020 China Personal and Home Care Insights and Trends

2020 China Personal and Home Care Insights and Trends

According to iiMedia Research, China’s personal care e-commerce market reached 188.19 billion RMB in 2018, an increase of 14.5% YoY. Among them, facial care, body cleansing, and oral care accounted for 81.5%. At the 2020 Tmall Golden Makeup Awards Industry Summit, Ji Yun, general manager of Tmall Beauty Care of Alibaba Group, mentioned in his speech “Tmall Beauty Care Industry Strategy” that the home cleaning industry brought Tmall last year the most new customers. The total number of annual users in the personal care and home cleaning industries is more than 2.6 billion and 3 billion. From bath oil to dry hair cap, from retinol to fruit acid, we will see related products in categories, ingredients, functions, and other aspects, becoming more specific and diversified.

Besides, after the epidemic outbreak in 2020, personal care and home cleaning products, as important tools to self-protection, ushered in explosive demand growth. In January, personal care advertising increased by 365% YoY, and promotion and exposure rates also showed a sharp rise. ISOV data shows that 55% and 66% of consumers, respectively increased their expenditures during the epidemic in the categories of kitchen cleaning and sanitation facilities. At the same time, the consumption of laundry products also increased sharply due to people’s panic. 

Based on the “Tmall Global Personal Care Home Cleaning Industry Consumption Insight Report” released on September 14, 2020 by CBNData and Tmall Global, this article provides comprehensive insights into the new consumption trends in the personal care and home cleaning industry on Tmall Global Market.

Industry Overview on Tmall Global

Tmall Global is the largest cross border eCommerce platform in China. Till now, there are over 5,300 product categories of more than 26,000 international brands from 84 countries and regions in Tmall Global. It can be seen that Tmall Global is the most direct approach for foreign brands to understand the Chinese cross-border e-commerce environment, the most valuable research platform, and the most suitable test pool for entering the Chinese market.

The Report points out that in the past three years, the personal home cleaning industry’s overall consumption on Tmall has snowballed. Moreover, the personal and home care consumption growth rate on the Tmall Global is much higher than that on the Tmall platform.
Personal and Home Care Comsuption Trend 2020
The post-90/95s accounted for nearly half of consumers in the personal and home care on Tmall Global, becoming the leading consumer group. From the perspective of city distribution, the proportion of consumption in the fourth-tier and below cities increases, with great potential.

Overall, the categories of personal care and home cleaning on Tmall Global have shown a trend of segmentation and diversity. According to the report, the consumption of body milk and oral care is relatively high. Shampoo and hair dye both have a high consumption share and a relatively high consumption growth rate. They are the core categories of the home care industry. Besides, dry hair caps, men’s intimate care, bathroom kits, hair care essential oils, and aromatherapy products have grown at a much higher growth rate than other categories, becoming potential and relevant categories in the market segment.
China Personal and Home Care Development

Trends in Personal and Home Care Sub-Categories

Next, from the five detailed categories of hair care, body care, oral care, intimate care, and home cleaning, an in-depth analysis of international brands’ opportunities in personal care and home cleaning industry in the Chinese e-commerce market is conducted.

1. Haircare Category Trends

On the one hand, with the development of various products, the steps of hair washing and care are becoming more and more detailed. From hair prewashing and cleaning, scalp and hair care, to hair dyeing and styling, each step corresponds to products with different functions. Among them, the consumption of repair, moisturizing, and anti-drop function accounted for the highest proportion. It is worth noting that the amount of hair dyeing consumption has multiplied and has become the hottest hairdressing trend.

On the other hand, more and more high-tech hair care products on the market have received consumer recognition and likes. According to statistics, the consumption of high technology hair care products on the Tmall Global platform has increased by more than 260% in the past year. For example, the dry hair cap category that can quickly absorb water with unique materials to reduce frizz and hair damage has the highest growth rate, and its consumption growth rate is far ahead.
Tmall Global Hair Care Product Consumption

2. Body Wash and Care Category Trends

In terms of body cleaning and care, consumers also have higher standards and more diversified demands for the efficacy of body care products, such as anti-aging, lifting, tightening, skin repair, etc. Alcohol-containing anti-aging care products are popular among “ingredient fans”.

The consumption of fragranced body care products has grown steadily. Floral fragrances such as chamomile and rose are widely loved, and the consumption of fruit fragrances such as grapefruit and peach are also increasing. Besides functional care, sensory pleasure is also significant for consumers, and unique fragrances have even become the main selling point of some care products.

At the same time, there have been some changes in bath products. In the past year, shower gels and scrubs are still the core bath products, while bath oils that combine moisturizing and cleansing have shown explosive growth.

In general, young consumers pay more attention to the experience and enjoyment of the bathing process.

3. Oral Care Category Trends

The report also indicates that Chinese citizens rate their oral health lower than their physical health, which shows that oral care products still have great potential in the Chinese market. Fresh breath, whitening, and removing tooth stains are the primary needs of consumers for oral care.

It is particularly worth noting that last year, the consumption of portable oral care products has doubled, and portable mouthwashes have increased by 200%. These jelly-shaped, strip-shaped mouthwashes are very convenient and can help people keep their mouth clean and freshen their breath anytime and anywhere.
Popular Oral Care Products on Tmall

4. Women’s Intimate Care Trends

As people pay more attention to healthy consumption, women are also more concerned about intimate care, and their needs have begun to diversify and even professionalize.

The report shows that the consumption proportion of intimate care lotion and intimate care maintenance products in women’s health products is constantly increasing. At the same time, intimate care consumption has also shown some new trends. Besides the main demands of sterilization, deodorization, and anti-itching, the consumption of cosmetic functions such as “firming” and “fine and tender” are also growing at a high rate. In addition to traditional care solutions, consumers have more choices. For instance, the consumption of gel-type products has exploded. Interestingly, the fans of gel products are concentrated among the consumer groups over 35 years old, while young consumers prefer care solutions.

5. Laundry and Home Care Category Trends

Consumers are also paying more attention to the sense of ritual in life and comfort at home. The report shows that the bedroom has become the first scene for consumers to use aromatherapy products. Fragrance furniture products that bring a better experience to the senses are becoming more and more popular. Besides the core aromatherapy product of essential oils, scented candles and scented rattan with design aesthetics also have a high proportion of consumption. Also, aromatherapy products with sleeping aids and air evolution functions are emerging endlessly on the market.

In terms of laundry, products are also very diversified. In addition to the core products such as laundry detergent and underwear detergent with high consumption amount, dry detergent and antibacterial agents have become potential products with a high growth rate. In terms of household cleaning, consumers also tend to buy foreign brands of detergent, washing machine tank cleaner, and disinfectant on Tmall Global. People pursue a healthy and tidy life.

Key Takeaways:

1. Tmall Global is the most direct approach for foreign brands to understand the Chinese cross-border e-commerce environment, the most valuable research platform, and the most suitable test pool for entering the Chinese market.

2. Young people born after 90s&95s are the main consumer group of personal care and home cleaning products on Tmall Global.

3. Under the trend of safety and health, consumers are more sophisticated than ever in personal care and household cleaning. They have higher requirements for the functions and ingredients of products. They prefer segmentation and specialization.

4. High technology products tend to be popular in the Chinese market, and young customers are willing to pay for more innovative added value.

5. Young consumers are pursuing quality of life and convenience. Portable products, products with a strong sense of design, and fragrance products are all on the rise.

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