eTALK China Insights: The Rise of Alibaba’s Autonomous Delivery Robots

The Rise of Alibaba’s Autonomous Delivery Robots

eTALK The Rise of Alibaba’s Autonomous Delivery Robots

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Alibaba’s DAMO (Discovery, Adventure, Momentum and Outlook) Academy, established in October, 2017 is Alibaba’s “fun” research institute with the mission of “Research for solving problems with profit and fun”.

With offices in Beijing, New York, Tel Aviv, and Singapore, DAMO Academy has since launched many ground breaking products and prototypes.

Autonomous Delivery

eTALK Autonomous Delivery

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Recently, one of Alibaba’s products really took the spot light – the autonomous delivery vehicles: “Xiaomanlv”, whose core function is the collection and distribution of packages in all scenarios.

These intelligent robots are designed to solve the last mile delivery problem of the logistics industry, where getting a package from the final warehouse to the customer takes the most time and resources.

1 Million Orders

eTALK 1 Million Orders

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Each robot is able to deliver approx. 500 packages a day, and as of September of 2021, Xiaomanlv have completed their 1 millionth delivery order across China within 1 year of its launch.

Over the next three years, Alibaba plans to expand its Xiaomanlv fleet to 10,000 robots, which on average can deliver up to 1 million packages a day.

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