Workshop "eTOC China Day"

Who benefits most from this workshop?

This workshop is for all companies that are already active in China and would like to expand their understanding of the Chinese market with a strong focus on the digital landscape and business practices. 

China’s rapidly changing society, powerful government policies, and fluctuating technologies have a significant influence on the business landscape for international brands in the country.

International brands seeking to improve their business in China must be prepared to navigate a complex and constantly evolving landscape, taking into account the influence of China’s society, government, and technology on the business environment. By understanding these factors and adapting their strategies accordingly, international brands can effectively tap into the vast and lucrative Chinese market.

Our “eTOC China Day” is designed to provide a comprehensive guide to your specific needs in the market. 

Key Learnings

Workshop Take-aways

History, Society & Politics

Chinese political and economical landscape and impact on business customs.

Industry insights

Successful business strategies and the latest trends of your industries and target group.

Online business

Key basics and latest trends in China e-commerce & digital marketing.

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