Tmall & JD Store Performance Optimization

A brand flagship store on China e-commerce marketplaces works completely different from a web shop in western world. The right assortment is fundamental. “Fit for market” brand positioning and good product detail page will directly increase sales conversion.
Understanding the China e-commerce promotion calendar and developing the right performance marketing and e-commerce campaign strategy are key success factors too.
We optimize your e-commerce store (e.g. Tmall Flagshipship Store, JD Flagship Store) performance along the whole consumer shopping journey.​

Major Store Performance Management Tools on Tmall

As the biggest e-commerce marketplace in China, Tmall hosts more than 140,000 merchants. In order to create a transparent and sufficient digital commerce environment, the platform developed a series of marketing & business management data tools to empower the merchants for smarter business growth. 
There are 2 major data tools: Alimama for advertising and Biz Advisor for store performance management.

What is Alimama?

Alimama is the leading marketing technology platform within Alibaba eco-system since 2007. It offers multiple paid advertising solutions based on bidding methodology to support the marketing needs from brand exposure to sales conversion. 
Merchants are able to monitor, collect and analyze the advertising performance data in order to optimize the store performance and achieve a better ROI.

Alimama advertising

Example of Alimama Paid Advertising

eTOC has created some examples to show you how each Alimama Advertising Solution works:

Alimama Advertising examples

What is Biz Advisor?

Biz Advisor is the working desk which integrates real time store performance data, industry trends and benchmarks and competitor’s status.
Biz Advisor provides hundreds of the detailed data aspects about the store performance, which can be divided into 6 major segments:

Tmall KPIs

Merchants will be able to monitor the store performance under the key data aspects with transparency, even if the China e-commerce business is managed by distributors. Knowing every abnormal data aspect can avoid any potential failure, especially for the less experienced brands.

eTOC Optimizes Your Store Performance for You

Any solid business and investment decisions shall be based on comprehensive and structured analyses. To filter through and link up the vast information under the complex China e-commerce environment is not easy.
What does those data indexes really mean? What is the business relevance between figures? How to read the same data index in different industries? What are the industry benchmarks to evaluate the data? How can I conclude from the data to business guiding insights?…
To be able to answer these questions multiple expertises are required: firstly, the practical operation experience from China e-commerce platforms; secondly, brand management experience from the brand owner side; last but not least, many years practices and profound local market knowledge.
If you meet some bottlenecks of your store growth and looking for some professional support, please feel free to contact us.