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China Market Test

China Market Speed Test Program

eTOC can help international products list on Tmall in just some weeks. This one-stop end to end market test program helps you test your product potential, get real marketing, sales and consumer feedback in China with very limited investment.
eTOC China Market Speed Test Program is designed to find out if your products really have potential in the Chinese market based on real sales and marketing data and help you get ready for a safe China market expansion.

China market entry

China Market Entry Advisory

No Chinese legal entity, no product registration, no Chinese labeling needed.  International brands and retailers can sell in China through authorized cross border e-commerce platforms easily and conveniently. The potential for retailers and brand manufacturers is enormous.
But entering the Chinese market also brings some challenges. Misunderstandings over China market end often in costly disappointments and retreats from the market despite its vast size and growth prospects. eTOC helps to simplify your China market entry and guide you through every necessary step.
e-commerce platforms

Online Sales Channel Setup in China

Tmall and JD are the biggest domestic e-commerce platforms in China covering almost 75% total China e-commerce market share. Pin duo duo became the 3rd biggest which followed by Suning, VIP and Gome. As of cross border e-commerce channels, Tmall Global  and Kaola are the leading channels.
Different e-commerce channels offer different cooperation models, such as brand flagship store, supplier wholesale model as well as consignment model.
eTOC will support to design your e-commerce sales channel roadmap and facilitate your cooperation with the suitable sales channels.

e-commerce business partner

Chinese Business Partner Scouting & Evaluation

There are over 40,000 advertising agencies, over 2,000 e-commerce service providers (TP companies) and numerous online distributors playing in China e-commerce ecosystem. It can be a huge burden for international brands to find the right partners to assist the China business.
eTOC has developed a well-connected Partner Pool and a China E-commerce Partner Evaluation System to help you find and evaluate the right partners for your China e-commerce business.

store performance optimization

Tmall JD Store Performance Optimization

A brand flagship store on China e-commerce marketplaces works completely different from a web shop in western world.
The right assortment is fundamental. “Fit for market” brand positioning and good product detail page will directly increase sales conversion.
Understanding the China e-commerce promotion calendar and developing the right performance marketing and e-commerce campaign strategy are key success factors too.
We optimize your e-commerce store (e.g. Tmall Flagshipship Store, JD Flagship Store) performance along the whole consumer shopping journey.
If you meet some bottlenecks of your store growth and look for some professional support, please feel free to contact us.

China Top Sellers

Top Seller Incubation Program

In China e-commerce, a healthy product assortment structure reflects the well-known Pareto Principle: the top sellers which cover 5-10% of the assortment will contribute 60-80% of the store sales. 
Either for a new store or mature store, the top seller performance is always the store foundation and key sales driver.
eTOC has development a successful Top Seller Incubation Program based on big data which helps you identify potential top sellers, tells you how to incubate the top sellers as well as how to continuously improve top sellers performance

China business KPIs

Data Driven KPI Tracking for Your China Business

Data is the new gold. Yet, it is very difficult to acquire high quality accurate market data in China. Leveraging our profound China e-commerce experience and based on real market sales data, eTOC offers data driven business KPI tracking reports.
The performance tracking reports include all major KPIs, such as market size and development, industry trends, key players, competitor sales performance and new launches, channel and store performance, top sellers sales and price levels.
These KPIs will provide your China e-commerce business a necessary transparency and solid foundation.

Brand seeding in China

Social Media Marketing & KOL Cooperation

Chinese consumers gather in social media communities like Little Red Book, WeChat, Weibo and even entertainment platforms such as Douyin (also known as TikTok) to share and learn life inspirations.
Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are not only representatives of Chinese consumers, but also very good at communicating the right brand message, promoting the product to their target audience and leading to effective sales conversions.
Social Media Marketing and KOL cooperation in China are considered as the most effective marketing measures with smaller spending.
eTOC helps to choose the right social media platform and KOLs for your brand and build your successful social media campaigns in China.
China e-commerce training

China E-Commerce Training for Your Team

eTOC provides professional e-commerce trainings for both general e-commerce topics and specific staff e-commerce knowledge building.
Feel free to book our popular trainings such as:
How to identify the business potential?
How to choose the right partners?
Key success factors of doing e-commerce in China
How to work closely with e-commerce platform e.g. Tmall?
Or contact us for a tailored training based on your individual needs.

Learn about china e-commerce

Learn about China E-Commerce

Coming from the idea of bridging between international brands and China e-commerce, eTOC considers sharing China e-commerce and digital knowledge and helping international brands to understand China e-commerce and digital ecosystem as our mission.
eTOC regularly shares knowledge and news about China e-commerce and digital ecosystem on eTOC website blogs, eTOC WeChat Service Account and eTOC LinkedIn Company Page for free.
You are welcome to visit our website or follow us!

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