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Chinese Influencers Are RECORD-BREAKING!

For many in the West, names like Austin Li or Viya are rather unheard of. But when it comes to spreading the word about brands and products in Chinese e-commerce, these influencers are second to none.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), the most famous Chinese influencers, are internet celebrities of China.

These KOLs talk about products and brands in their livestreams, and have built a solid foundation of millions upon millions of loyal followers. They can make your products fly off the shelves in minutes. Here are some of their incredible feats:

– In 2019, #AustinLi, the “top lipstick KOL” sold 15,000 lipsticks in just 5 minutes.

During this year’s Single’s Day pre-sale, he sold more than 10 billion RMB (around $1.7 bn) in goods in one day with 2500 million people watched his live streaming session.

– In Nov. 2020, the KOL #Xinba, also known as the “King of Sales,” made over 1.88 billion RMB (around $290 million) in sales in just 12 hours on #Kuaishou.

– #Viya combines traditional livestreams with interaction, featuring instant messaging and variety shows. In 2020, she brought in 3 billion RMB (around $454 million) of sales in just a single day.

– #BeckyLi sold 100 Mini Coopers through her WeChat blog in just 5 minutes.

Since about 80% of all Chinese online shoppers between the ages of 35 and 44 have purchased a product directly based on a KOL’s recommendation. It is highly recommended that brands should work with a suitable KOL.

Li Jiaqi Jack Ma

Video: Austin Li and Jack Ma: who can sell more lipsticks?

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