E-Commerce Training for Your Team

More and more brands are now conducting direct-to-customer sales activities and marketing campaigns online. For some of the ambitious global brands, China is a market which holds enormous growth, especially for online sales. But it also bears some significant challenges. Management teams of international businesses who don’t have an innate understanding of the country, can get frustrated very soon after finding out that their global experience in the field of retailing and online operation is quite limited here in China.

Chinese and Western Digital Landscape Comparison

ecommerce ecosystem China vs western

Why Do You Need E-Commerce Trainings?

International brands are in urgent need of e-commerce trainings, no matter if their own e-commerce operation team is in China or merely out of China. Certain training programs are designed to help team members of international business to understand cultural differences, e-commerce daily operation mechanism, and some China market specific watch-outs.
Furthermore, it´s not easy to find China e-commerce experienced talents with a reasonable budget.
Professional e-commerce trainings helps your team become “fit for China e-commerce”.

China E-Commerce Trainings to Start With

To improve e-commerce skills and tactics, specially designed training sessions with separate topics will be implemented as to help brands tackle the specific challenges within different business stages. Some topic samples are as follow:
– How to reach and engage with your target audience online as a new comer?
– How to evaluate potential new products and find out categories with business growth opportunities in Chinese market?
– Stay updated with cross border e-commerce regulations on government policy, logistics & tax rates.
– Flagship store opening criteria, process and fee structure.
– Understand TP (who provide e-commerce operation service for merchants) industry.
– Understand the live-streaming as the new and most effective sales promotion mechanism.
– The key successful factors of e-commerce business.

eTOC China E-Commerce Trainings

eTOC provides professional e-commerce trainings for both general e-commerce topics and specific staff e-commerce knowledge building and makes your team fit for China e-commerce and digital marketing.
Feel free to book our popular trainings or contact us for a tailored training based on your individual needs.

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