Chinese Business Partner Scouting & Evaluation

When international brands have developed a China market entry strategy, an efficient partner structure needs to be built to execute the strategy, manage the daily operation and grow the business.

Who are Your China E-commerce Partners?

China e-commerce has a unique landscape and ecosystem. A corresponding partner structure has been derived from the e-commerce landscape and ecosystem. Similar to the western e-commerce ecosystem, marketplaces and distributors are still two major partners doing e-commerce business in China. There is a partner role developed which might be new to the international brands — TP. TP is the so called Taobao or Tmall Partner which refers to the third-party companies that helps you operate your daily store or channel businesses on Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms in China. Some Tmall partners also work with other e-commerce platforms, such as JD, Kaola or VIP.  Some TPs also have an offline distribution network.
Similar to western business structures, to build up and promote your brand in China, you also need different marketing agencies according to your individual needs and their capabilities. It is difficult to find competent agencies who are good t marketing but also knows how to connect marketing to e-commerce.
Certainly, several logistic partners are also necessary to transport your products starting from the production factory to the Chinese end consumers.
There are 43,642 local advertising agencies, 304 international advertising agencies, over 2,000 e-commerce service providers (TP companies) and numerous online distributors. It can be a huge burden for international brands to find the right partners to assist the China business.

China ecommerce partner structure

eTOC Helps You to Find and Evaluate the China E-Commerce Partners

No matter what models you decided for the China entry, it’s important to build the corresponding partner structure filled with the right partners. eTOC has developed a well-connected Partner Pool and China E-commerce Partner Evaluation System to help you find and evaluate the right partners for your China e-commerce business.

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