Data Driven Market and Business KPI Tracking

Data is the new gold. Yet, it is very difficult to acquire high quality accurate market data in China. Leveraging our profound China e-commerce market and business experience and based on real market sales data generated by 3rd party tool and eTOC market research, we offer brands data driven business KPI tracking reports.
The performance tracking reports include all major KPIs, such as market size and development, industry trends, key players, competitor sales performance and new launches, channel and store performance, top sellers sales and price levels. These KPIs will provide your China e-commerce business a necessary transparency and solid foundation.

Tmall Real Sales Data

Before foreign brands and retailers entering into the Chinese market, we often recommend them to take a look at the biggest Chinese e-commerce marketplaces, such as Tmall, JD and Kaola to get a feeling about the China e-commerce market, the platforms, the stores and the products. Since there is no English version of the platforms and stores, eTOC made an example to teach you how to read the data even if you don’t understand Chinese:

product on Tmall

There are several key figures which will reveal a lot of information about the product performance, such as price, monthly sales volume and reviews. These are real market data which will be updated automatically after every transaction. For example, you can estimate the product monthly sales value by simply multiply “Shelf Price” by “Monthly Sales Volume”. The “Recommended Retail Price” is always there but crosses out. This gives the consumers a feeling of already be given a discount. “Reviews” are very important KPIs in the Chinese e-commerce business. Consumers´ feedback and insights can be read out of the reviews. Mostly importantly, Chinese consumers actually spend a lot of time to read about and are greatly influenced by the reviews before making a purchase.
For a quick check about certain product performance (e.g. similar products to your brand, if these kind of products are generally demanded in the Chinese market), this is a very good and practical way. However, if you want to check many products or need a systematic analysis, the research workload is very big and time consuming.

3rd Party Data Bank

eTOC provides systematic real market data from Tmall and Taobao generated by 3rd party crowing tools. The data include almost all relevant market, industry, category, brand and product KPIs for your China e-commerce business. With these data you can gain the necessary transparency about the market, industry or category you are playing in. For example, the market size and development in the last 3 years; which category is arising and gaining more popularity; Top 20 brands in this category; Top 20 best performing stores and Top 50 top seller products. Even for the products, you can get more detailed data such as price, function, origin, packaging size, usage, perfume…
These data will help you understand your business, the market and competitors thoroughly.

eTOC Market and Business KPI Tracking Reports

Based on the real market data generated by 3rd party data crowing tool and eTOC market research, we will provide you business guiding reports conducted by eTOC team with our profound market, China e-commerce and brand management knowledge and experience. According to clients´ individual needs, eTOC can prepare monthly, quarterly or yearly market and business KPI tracking reports for you.

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